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Pages I own Ecosystem: Pioneering Decentralized Ethereum Staking with DVT

Welcome to the heart of the ecosystem – a thriving hub of innovation, security, and collaboration. embodies the future of Ethereum staking by leveraging Secret Shared Validators (SSV), allowing a transformative split of validator keys among non-trusting nodes. This innovative design ensures improved security, inclusivity, and decentralization within the Ethereum universe.

Eco-System Main Components:

  1. DAO Contributors: Active members of the community who have been engaged by the DAO for a specific task or set of tasks within the network, shaping the future of
  2. Working Groups: Specialized committees that focus on specific areas of development and operation, including:
    • Verified Operator Committee: Ensures the proper verification of operators, functioning and integrity of operators within the network.
    • Grants Committee: Oversees the allocation and management of grants, fostering innovation and growth.
    • Multi-Sig Committee: Manages the multi-signature processes within the network, responsible for executions and enhancing security and collaboration.
  3. Grantees: Individuals and entities who have received grants from Grants Committee, working to create and enhance applications and services atop the platform. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the decentralized space, demonstrating that innovation within the community is not solely limited to monetary exchanges.
  4. Core Team: Comprised of dedicated builders, the core team strives for technological advancement, development, and strategic growth of the network. Their hard work and commitment have proven valuable to the success of
  5. Operators: Facilitate various staking activities, offering customized solutions to validators.
  6. Validators: Carry out validation duties on the Ethereum Beacon Chain, supported by Shifu V2, the state-of-the-art SSV node.

These main components come together to form a cohesive and dynamic ecosystem, each playing a vital role in the decentralized environment of The collaboration between DAO contributors, working groups, builders, core team, operators, and validators enables the network to thrive and expand, making it a leading choice for secure and decentralized Ethereum staking.


The SSV DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a core aspect of the It's a governance structure that embodies the democratic values of the network, giving members the power to propose, vote on, and implement changes within the system. As an inclusive organization, it aligns various stakeholders in the network such as developers, partners, and operators, to collaboratively make decisions. Through the DAO, members have a real say in the direction and development of


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Verified Operators (VOs) are an integral component of the, forming a trustworthy backbone that powers the protocol. Unlike regular operators, VOs are meticulously vetted by the Verified Operator Committee (VOC) and adhere to strict criteria in terms of security, reliability, and performance. This assessment ensures that VOs possess the required technological proficiency, ethical conduct, and demonstrated experience in managing validators and Ethereum infrastructure. By fulfilling KYC/KYB standards, these industry leaders not only show top performance levels but also offer users a reliable and secure service within the network. In essence, Verified Operators symbolize quality assurance within the decentralized environment, setting them distinctly apart from regular operators. Their reputation is a seal of approval, fostering confidence and transparency in the network's growth and sustainability.

πŸ—οΈ Grantees

The builders within the are the catalysts driving innovation and progress within the ecosystem. Selected through a rigorous evaluation process, these individuals and companies have received grants from Grants Committee to support their ambitious projects aligned with our mission to decentralize Ethereum staking.

The ssv builders are a diverse group of talented developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries dedicated to creating cutting-edge applications, services, and tools on top of the SSV network. By actively engaging in research, development, and collaboration, they contribute to expanding the network's capabilities and enhancing the staking experience for all participants.

Through the Grants Program, the empowers these builders to explore new frontiers, break barriers, and turn ideas into realities. By investing in their growth, the fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment that enables continuous innovation and positions the at the forefront of the decentralized staking movement.

Explore the builders' projects, connect with them, and join the in this remarkable journey towards a more secure, inclusive, and decentralized future.

DAO contributors are essential components of the's decentralized ecosystem. They are individuals who actively participate, contribute, and collaborate in various roles to achieve the goals and mission of the decentralized organization. Contributors may come from diverse backgrounds and possess various technical and soft skills aligned with the DAO's values.

Emphasizing decentralized decision-making, inclusivity, and diversity, the DAO's contribution process encourages transparent engagement and continuous improvement. Compensation is often provided in SSV tokens, reflecting the individual's contribution and offering governance rights.

Whether as operators, validators, developers, or enthusiasts, contributors are committed to the ongoing development and growth of Their collaborative efforts are directed by guidelines, regular performance evaluations, and a shared commitment to the principles that guide the DAO. πŸ‘‰ Click Here to read more.

🀝 Working Groups

At the core of's decentralized ethos lies the DAO’s Working Groups, specialized committees entrusted with shaping, governing, and advancing the ecosystem. These groups embody the collaboration and shared vision that fuel the's growth and innovation.

  1. Multi-Sig Committee: Ensuring the integrity and responsibility of DAO's treasury management.
  2. SSV Verified Operators Committee (VOC): Streamlining the verification process of operators and maintaining high standards of quality.
  3. Grants Committee: Allocating and supervising grants that align with community interests, supporting new talents, projects, and innovations.

Each Working Group is a convergence of dedicated members, stakeholders, and community voices, working together to create transparent processes, set standards, and pave the way for a more decentralized, secure, and inclusive Ethereum staking landscape. By delineating responsibilities and fostering active engagement, these groups act as the pillars supporting's mission and vision, enhancing accountability, innovation, and growth within the community. Whether through governance, execution, or long-term planning, the Working Groups are integral to the flourishing ecosystem of, channeling collective wisdom to empower the future of decentralized staking.

Join the in this collaborative journey, and contribute to the diverse spectrum of initiatives and possibilities that's Working Groups offer. Get involved today, and be part of the driving force that shapes the community's tomorrow. Click Here to read more.

🧠 Core Team

The is a thriving hub of innovative builders and dedicated contributors. The core team is an example of such innovation and commitment. From the inception of, the core team contributed to the underlying technology that powers the network today and serving as one of the most trusted operators within the ecosystem. As transitions to the Mainnet, the core team’s is anticipated to remain useful, continuously bringing forth new solutions and adding significant value to the community and as a whole. πŸ‘‰ Click Here to read more.