Make A Proposal
Make A Proposal

Make A Proposal

DAO Rules
  • This guide is an initial set of rules, the below rules can be changed by a DAO decision.
  • The SSV token is exclusively used for voting on all decisions, unless the DAO decided otherwise.
  • A minimal quorum requires 5% of the circulating SSV supply, based on the number of CDT converted to SSV and newly minted SSV tokens.
  • A submitted proposal must start voting within 1 month of submission.
  • A vote on a proposal is 7 days long, requiring >50% of positive votes. The date and time in which a vote has ended is called vote expiry.
  • Voting is done on snapshot, an off-chain voting dApp.
  • Execution of any passed vote is done via the multisig committee according to the mechanical specifications of the proposals.
  • Execution will occur within 60 days of vote expiry.
  • If the execution details are unclear, the multisig committee will let the proposer know, and they will have 7 days to respond and resolve the issue.
  • If a proposal depends on a previous proposal, the dependency proposal must be passed and executed before the execution of the original proposal, unless stipulated otherwise.
  • Anyone with 100 SSV tokens can submit a proposal.

Grants Program

Proposal Life Cycle

A proposal should start its life as a forum discussion to receive community consensus, although this is not strictly mandatory. A proposer should write a proposal following the template in the appendix to maximize the probability of success. When a proposal is submitted, it has a start and end date which must follow the DAO rules. Once the vote period expires, a passed/ rejected status will be automatically assigned to the proposal. A passed proposal will enter the execution queue, and a vote is executed after the proposal’s full execution.


Appendix - Proposal Template

Title One line expressing what this proposal is all about

Date Dependency proposals (including links)

If this proposal depends on previous proposals, this is the place to indicate it.

Tags (added by admin) Status (added by admin) (as explained by Compound 3)

  • Pending - assigned when a proposal is submitted
  • Active - assigned when a proposal is voted on
  • Passed/ rejected
  • Queued for execution - assigned when a proposal is due to be executed (if passed)
  • Executed
  • Cancelled - assigned when a proposal execution was cancelled

Proposal Overview 10-15 lines of text explaining the proposal overview

Motivation Free text explaining why this proposal came about

Mechanics Free text explaining the technical details of how the proposal will work. Use this section for: protocol details, execution details/ schedule, numbers, exact proposal details, and more.