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Ebunker, a pioneering Ethereum staking infrastructure company, is committed to democratizing blockchain participation for households worldwide. Currently, our two primary operations are performing exceptionally well. Our non-custodial staking service, VaaS, has impressively staked 32,448 ETH to date. Furthermore, we've secured commitments from a variety of institutional clients to stake over 100,000 ETH in the approaching months. In addition to VaaS, we have developed eNode, the world's first consumer-grade validator device explicitly designed for the Ethereum network. Compact, lightweight, and power-efficient, eNode is a home-friendly solution that stands in stark contrast to traditional PoW mining machines. With its palm-sized design and mere 20-watt power consumption, eNode operates silently and without generating heat. This intuitive and user-friendly device promotes Ethereum's sustainability, decentralization, and robustness. In just 10 minutes, anyone can learn to use eNode, irrespective of their blockchain knowledge, educational background, or geographical location, and become an Ethereum validator. We also take great pride in our strategic alliances with leading firms in the Ethereum ecosystem, such as Lido Finance, SSV Network, Eden Network, and others. We have recently received a grant from SSV and have been invited to participate in the DVT pilot testing alongside Lido and SSV. This summary underscores our commitment to making blockchain accessible and beneficial for all. You could find out more information about us via the latest deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xiEGV8p61YZ0U5qitmnMXmtGeWbuAje8/view?usp=share_link web: ebunker.io Twitter: @ebunker_eth
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Jul 14, 2023 1:36 PM