FES - Lisbon | Liscon 2021
FES - Lisbon | Liscon 2021

FES - Lisbon | Liscon 2021

The FES - Liscon
The FES - Liscon

A panel of ssv.network operators, staking experts, and partners gathering to discuss the future of ETH staking.

Join us for great food, drinks, networking, and an immersive conversation about staking after the merge and beyond.


  • Staking rewards, Mirko, Founder (@berlincrypto)
  • Lido - Isidoros Passadis, Master of Validators (@IsdrsP)
  • DappNode - Pol Lanski - COO
  • Foundry (DCG) - Lucas Kohorst, Staking Engineer (@KohorstLucas)
  • EthStaker Community - Colfax Selby, EthStaker (@colfaxselby)
  • Bloxstaking - Alon Muroch, Founder & CEO (@AmMuroch)

Fireside chat (30-40 min)

The future of ETH staking + QnA

The rest of the time will be dedicated to mingling, eating, drinking, and geeking :)

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