Ep. 1: ETH Bogota
Ep. 1: ETH Bogota

Ep. 1: ETH Bogota


Join us in beautiful Bogotá, Columbia, between the lush green forests and the root of Mount Montserrat. We’re sponsoring ETH Bogota - offering up $20k of prizes, grant progressions, swag, and our brand new Smash Tournament.

This is our first major Hackathon after the entire ETH system came together to successfully pull off one of the greatest software updates of all time, The Merge.

About the Secret-Shared-Validator Network

Secret Shared Validator (SSV) technology is the first secure and robust way to split a validator key for ETH staking between non-trusting nodes run by operators. It is a unique protocol that enables the distributed operation of an Ethereum validator.

The validator key is encrypted, split, and distributed so that no operator has to trust another to perform validator duties. Allowing a certain amount to be offline without affecting network performance, and no operator can make unilateral decisions on behalf of a validator.

The result is a decentralized, fault-tolerant, highly secure method for building decentralized staking applications on Ethereum.

Find out more: 🔗 website | 🔗 developer center | 🔗 documentation



We’ve created an array of challenges to suit multiple skill sets. Whether you’re a hardcore solidity developer, backend engineer, or just like working on front-end, there should be something for you here.

All the challenges will be tested on our 🔗 Shifu testnet, an operational and live testnet with thousands of participants spanning every corner of the earth who will be validating your code, tooling, or otherwise.

Main Challenges

1] Build a Staking Pool [💰$12K Pool💰]

Develop a staking pool on SSV with the core functionality of being able to stake less than amount of ETH the staker wishes, on Ethereum.

Staking pools are usually revenue generating, allowing wallets to stake a less than 32 ETH in a smart contract which pools ETH deposits together and spins up a validator.

2] Build a ‘SSV as a service’ [💰$8K Pool💰]

Develop a staking service that uses SSV as its backend. Operation should manage SSV related barriers such as fees and payments on behalf of stakers.

The interface needs to be configured to hardcode validator operations to a specific/ permissioned cluster of operators.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? You can always complete a 🔗 Micro-Grant


Open Challenge

Have a different idea? Something that might benefit the staking ecosystem as a whole? We’re all for it! Let us know what you’re thinking about, either in our dedicated Bogotá Discord channel or by speaking to one of our on-site team members directly.

2.5 days isn’t always enough to build out a fully working solution, nor is it enough to spin up your own business. As hackers and hackathon participants ourselves, we understand that sometimes, you want to go even further with your project and your team.

That’s why we’ll open up our DAO’s grants programs for successful hackers who want to continue with what they’re working on.

You can find out more about our grants program here.


How to participate

  1. Join our Discord and the Hackathon Bogotá channel ahead of the Hackathon.
  2. Make a short intro of your skill set and signal which challenges you’re thinking of tackling.
  3. Look for teammates or find a team for yourself to join.
  4. Ask any questions or for any support assets you may need. We’re here to help!
  5. Make sure not to miss your flight!