Vision & Purpose

Who we are

We’re ssv.network, a DAO-governed, community-owned public good on a mission to pioneer DVT (Distributed Validator Technology) as a core component of Ethereum staking.

Our Vision

Distributed Ethereum validator, run by many vulnerable by none.
Ethereum’s security should be in the hands of MANY but owned by NONE

We believe in a successful Ethereum where…

  • … decentralization is not an afterthought and is protected at all costs
  • … security is in the hands of many but owned by none
  • … DVT-based staking is secure, trustless, and accessible to everyone
  • … DVT is the majority of Ethereum’s validation layer, run by the community

The best way to get there is by facilitating new and existing staking applications to deploy DVT-based validators in the network. That’s our mission.

Our Mission (Purpose)

Based on our current context and resources, talents, and capacities at our disposal, the products, and services we offer, what’s the deepest potential we can help create? Why does the world need us?

Democratize access to secure, efficient, and reusable DVT infrastructure.

For that to materialize, we built the ssv.network as an open-source and programmable DVT infrastructure. We ensure that DVT is a core component of a successful Ethereum and that the majority of Ethereum’s validation layer runs on DVT. We promote full transparency, also giving the opportunity to smaller players. We promote full decentralization as a community-owned, public good where DVT is trustless, and decentralization is an inherent attribute of DVT.

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Build the ssv.network, a trustless system that reduces risks, provides greater security, transparency, and censorship resistance to the Ethereum PoS protocol.

  • democratize = altruism, for everyone, easy access, inexpensive, public good, hands-off, open marketplace
  • reusable = lego-like eco-system: fundamental component, crypto-economic protocol, composable, partner eco-system
  • efficient = 100% attestation, maximized rewards, best operators, always-on
  • infrastructure = high-class infrastructure, layer-0
  • secure = protect eth, risk/worry-free, no-slashing, decentralized, trustless, robust, transparent, full control, scalable, diverse
    • decentralized = network diversity, deconstruct large pools of capital, Interoperability as a priority
    • full control = your keys are controlled by you, always
    • transparent = open source

Whom we serve

  • We serve builders (Operators & Developers), each with their own ETHos and beliefs, coming together to build the future of eth staking.
  • We serve partners (Token Holders), each with their own ETHos and beliefs, coming together to keep ETH staking secure, trustless, decentralized, robust, transparent, scalable, diverse, and accessible to everyone.

Although we ultimately serve validators and the people behind them (solo stakers, retail, institutions & co.), we focus on builders and partners - our community - and help them create the best possible staking solutions in the sole interest of our vision.

Our Values

We drive the adoption and ongoing development of the DVT protocol by facilitating onboarding, development, accessibility, and providing support for anyone to build a DVT-based application.

For that, we govern the ssv.network DAO, through the people, for the purpose:

  • We act as the link between builders and partners—our community
  • We facilitate the community’s efforts to achieve our vision and mission
  • We enable community ownership and active stewardship of the protocol upholding the highest standards of decentralization
  • We develop a path to the DAO’s independence and long-term sustainability
  • We are financially healthy, secure, resistant to attacks, and resilient to market swings
  • We have a dedicated and dependable core team that can cover all critical tasks
  • We are confident in our actions in regard to the legality